Lowering Health Care Costs

Christina knows that for too many Hoosiers, health care is unaffordable and hard to access. As a young, hardworking single mom, Christina ensured her son had health care coverage even when she couldn’t afford it for herself. Christina understands the stress of living without insurance – being one illness or injury away from missing an important payment or even going bankrupt. She’ll fight to ensure every Hoosier has access to health care, so no one has to choose between seeing a doctor and paying their bills.

In Congress, Christina will focus on:

  • Expanding access to affordable, quality health care by creating a public option for people who have no private insurance, or are unsatisfied with that coverage.
  • Opposing all attempts to allow insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Cutting the cost of prescription drugs by requiring drug companies to negotiate for lower drug prices and bringing greater transparency to drug pricing.