About Christina

A recognized community leader and non-profit executive, nothing came to Christina easily. She worked hard to pay her own way to Purdue University while raising a son as a single mom. She knows what it’s like to hustle from school to work to day care, and get home in time to fix a healthy meal for her son and read stories together before bedtime. And then she’d get up, get her own homework done, and get to work on time the next day.

That experience led to a successful career focused on community and economic development, setting families up for success, and helping to solve healthcare problems for people in Indiana and around the world.

While serving in the Indiana General Assembly, Christina was recognized for results, even as a member of a super-minority. Her time in the assembly taught her how important it is to set differences aside and put constituents first. As a Democrat, she was proud to be concurrently endorsed by both the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce. She made good on her promise to collaborate - every single bill she passed had support from Democrats and Republicans.

She is a hard worker who delivers results on the issues that matter most to people.

Christina Hale for Congress Headshot